ersem + dyon = readymade

From the principal’s office, to legal burqa’s, refusee flags & Lionel Messi

Currently @ GUT Amsterdam
Previously @ 180 Amsterdam, The Family Amsterdam, FamousGrey

Our story

After coincidentally being paired-up for a school project and consequently being called up to the principal’s office, we quickly became friends and inevitably: a creative team.

During our studies, we both pursued our cinematic interest by making a detour to study Film at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

After graduation in 2020, we started doing what we did for fake clients in school for real clients in advertising. We prize ourselves on still walking in stupid every single day and we teach others how to do the same.

Would you like a side with that?

Side-projects are very important to us. They release us of frustration, imagination & lingering what-ifs. That’s why our portfolio is, and always will be serving sides.

What we’re good at

(Art) Direction
(Copy) Writing
Cultural Insights

Film & Music
Extemporaneous Speaking

Big Ideas
Giving Workshops

A cute little timeline

Last and least:


Shortlist – Epica Awards – Refugee LinkUp
Finalist – The Immortal Awards – Refugee LinkUp
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Refugee LinkUp
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Refugee LInkUp
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Refugee LinkUp
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – JuNiOrMaG


Nomination – beLOFte 2022JuNiOrMaG
Silver Lamp – Dutch Creativity AwardsCertified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – The Refusee Flags
Gold – RA*W DOOH Challenge – The Legal Burqa
Competitors – Young Lions – The Signs Are Everywhere
SAN Accent – SAN Awards – Certified Tailors


Gold Pencil – The One Show – In Touch With Your Emotions
Bronze Lamp – Dutch Creativity Awards – Dutch New Times
Bronze Lamp – Dutch Creativity Awards – The Legal Burqa


Silver – The Side Show – The Legal Burqa
Shortlist – The Side Show – The Slave Bracelet
Shortlist – The Side Show – The Legal Burqa



Publication – Adformatie – Move to GUT
Publication – FONK – Move to GUT


Publication – The Best Social Media – Tweedehands, Tweede Kans
Publication – Adformatie – Tweedehands, Tweede Kans
Publication – Financieel DagbladRefugee LinkUp
Interview – BNR RadioRefugee LinkUp
Publication – LibelleRefugee LinkUp
Publication – Little Black BookRefugee LinkUp
Publication – NPO Radio 1Refugee LinkUp
Publication – AdformatieRefugee LinkUp


Public Talk – RA*WReal Talks #4
Publication – FONK MagazineRA*W Real Talks #4
Publication – MarketingTribuneRA*W Real Talks #4
Publication – FONK MagazineNomination JuNiOrMaG
Publication – FONK Magazine – Young Creatives Takeover
Presentation – REDHOOK School – Cannes Grand Bronze
Publication – ADCN – The Legal Burqa
Publication – Adformatie – Cannes Live Blog
Publication – Adformatie – ‘Canneshebbers’
Interview – Dutch Embassy of CreativityJunior Mag
Interview – Dutch Embassy of CreativityCannes Introduction


Publication – Adformatie – Random Pick of the Week
Interview – Islam ChannelThe Legal Burqa
Publication – Daily SabahThe Legal Burqa
Publication – TRT WorldThe Legal Burqa
Publication – The Covid Art MuseumThe Legal Burqa
Publication – The Quick + The BraveThe Legal Burqa
Publication – BigumiguThe Legal Burqa
Publication – Art Madness MagThe Legal Burqa