The Legal Burqa

Year: 2020
Type: Graduation Project

Models: Pinar Ercil & Nurana Akbarova

In the Netherlands, there is a law making islamic face covering clothing (like the burqa and the niqab) illegal. This law applies on public transport, in government buildings and health institutions.

Now, because of the pandemic, it was also mandatory to wear face masks in public transport, for “protection” against Covid-19. The mandatory face masks are non medical masks, that let through 40-80% of the dangerous particles.

Ironically, those things are exactly the same. Not according to us, but according to the law. How can the exact same thing be banned and mandatory?

The silhouette of the illegal, combined with the material of the mandatory.

Featured by Islam Channel, TRT World, The Covid Art Museum, Daily Sabah,
A News, Bigumigu and many more.

Awarded with Gold in the RE-PRESENT DOOH Challenge, a Bronze Lamp at the Dutch Creativity Awards and Silver at The Side Show.