Dyon J. Kaleuwee

From starting out as an estate agent in London, to becoming a copywriter who writes himself in and out of trouble.

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My story

I started out pretending to be a real estate agent in London when I was only 19, then figured I’d rather sell ideas than houses and became a copywriter who writes himself in and out of trouble.

I believe trouble is necessary. Whether it’s invited or not. After all, I’m just a problem solver with a few tricks up his sleeve. So when trouble comes knocking, I simply open the door and shake its hand.

My ambition is to write as Sinatra sings. More than using a lot of vowels, it means telling a story so convincingly that the audience will buy it (literally). Frank & I were born on the exact same day, so you could say I got a head start.

If you want to know more, or inquire about a collaboration feel free to reach out here. If you want to see my advertising work click here. Or if you want to read more, take a sample below.

About my writing

Dyon J. Kaleuwee is a writer known for his distinctive and engaging style. His writing is characterized by a unique blend of introspection, humor, and a touch of self-deprecation, making his work both relatable and insightful. He often incorporates metaphorical language and analogies to convey complex ideas in a captivating manner.

Dyon is unafraid to playfully poke fun at himself, particularly when addressing the idiosyncrasies and challenges of the writing profession. His writing is distinguished by a conversational tone that enables readers to readily connect with the thoughts and experiences he shares in his work.

He emphasizes the importance of humility and authenticity in his writing, fostering a genuine connection with his audience. His writing journey is a captivating one, and readers are invited to join him on this literary exploration.

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