Dyon Kaleuwee = copywriter

From starting out as an estate agent in London, to becoming a copywriter who writes himself in and out of trouble.

My story

They say great minds think alike, I’ll say great minds are born alike. I was born on december 12th. A day I share with none other than Frank Sinatra, whose records I play tirelessly & whose style I admire unambiguously.

To be more (or less) Frank with you:

I have always been looking for ways to extra the ordinary; to create chaos out of order & define the unrefined.

I started out pretending to be an estate agent in London when I was only 19, then figured I’d rather sell ideas than houses and became a copywriter who writes himself in and out of trouble. 

Having survived nicknames like Dyon Draper, I hope to spend many more years defining culture or at least help to decrease the amount of shitty ads people have identified our craft with.

Let me sell you a house