Refugee LinkUp

Year: 2023
Client: Refugee Talent Hub
Agency: 180 Amsterdam

ECD: Pol Hoenderboom
Jr. CD*: Ersem Ercil & Dyon Kaleuwee
Art Director: Ersem Ercil, Pluk de Kort
Copywriter: Dyon Kaleuwee
Photographer: Patrick Kenawy
Producers: Eline Elias, Souraya El Far
Account: Marie Vermeulen

*Although not officially, we assigned ourselves the role to learn about decision making & taking control.

In The Netherlands alone, there are around 80.000 talented status holders who are allowed to work, but still find difficulty landing a job. Often because they don’t have access to a professional network.

For two weeks, 25 influential professionals shared their LinkedIn profile with 25 talented status holders. This meant a shared profile picture, two names instead of one, twice the experience & educations and double job descriptions. Those 25 are not alone and represented the 80,000 other talented and skillful individuals who are still struggling to find a job.

+2 million organic impressions.
On LinkedIn alone.

By sharing posts through the shared profiles, every single like and share became a valuable tool in increasing impressions among profiles, creating a collateral domino effect of exposure. All by using LinkedIn’s very own algorithm to do what it was always intended to do, connect those who are in need of a network.

Katrien van Gennip (Minister of Social Affairs) in conversation with one of the participants of Refugee LinkUp.

Featured on NOS, Financieel Dagblad, BNR, Libelle, Radio 1, Little Black Book, Adformatie, FONK Magazine, Roastbrief and MarketingTribune.