Dutch New Times

Year: 2021
Type: Side-Project

Why do Dutch people struggle so much with the dt-rule & is this our fault or not? Dominiek Sandra, linguistic professor asked himself these questions and so did we.

Over a lifetime, Dyon has struggled with this rule, always wondering whether that was the result of personal laziness or perhaps a bigger issue. Turns out, there’s a pretty good case to be made for the latter. Many people struggle with the rule because we are linguistically programmed to neglect this rule.

Long story short: we decided to turn this debate/question into a conversation piece that could be universally used and applied to confuse many teachers and linguistic professors alike. By creating a glyph we merged every d & t at the end of a verb together, to create a new letter and a new font appropriately called: Dutch New Times.

‘There is something in our linguistic brain, that makes it easy for us to slip over this rule.’

Awarded with a Bronze Lamp at the Dutch Creativity Awards.