Goodbye Staying In, Hello Going In

Year: 2024
Client: Foodora
Agency: GUT Amsterdam

CD’s: Matteo Galinelli & Guillaume Roukhomovsky
Art Director: Ersem Ercil
Copywriter: Dyon Kaleuwee
Producer: Irene Marco, Mali Okoi-Obuli & Elise Hagedoorn
Account: Sascha Hak

Production Company: Landia
Director: Robert Llauro
AD: Didi Domenech
DOP: Marc Miro
Music: Pete Philly
Sound: Sauvage Sound

This campaign gives us a taste of what happens when you’re going in instead of staying in. When you order not because it’s time to eat, but because you want to have a good time. It turns something we know as passive and still, into something active and exciting, all at the push of a button.

The film takes us through different households in the same neighbourhood through the eyes of Dolores, who makes the transition from staying in to going in together with the audience. Throughout the film, she observes others turn an otherwise dull evening in, into a fashion runway, a crazy office party and a very silent disco. A last nudge from her dozy husband and a little help from Foodora is enough to spark that simmering flame inside of her.

We also extended two of our scenes with two promo’s that zoom in on the moment before going in and showcase how something as simple as a discount on delivery can turn the evening around.

Here are some stills, if you like ‘Where’s Wally?’, we’d like to introduce a new game, it’s called: ‘Where’s Our Copywriter?’