Certified Tailors

Year: 2021
Client: G-Star

Agency: The Family Amsterdam
CD’s: Ed van Bennekom & Joris Kuijpers
Art Director: Ersem Erçil
Copywriter: Dyon Kaleuwee

Account Director: Louise Mathlener
Producers: Fione van Wijk, Vanessa Janssen
Director: Bas Goossens
Photographer: Thomas Vørding

Sometimes, an old idea works for a new problem.

We’re throwing away our clothes too easily, with total disregard of their potential once placed into the right, capable hands of a tailor.

We invited tailors from all over the country to get G-star certified, not only improving their knowledge & craft, but also improving the lifecycle of your denim.

Featured by Elle, Fashion United, The Spin Off, Fonk Magazine,
Adformatie and many more.

Awarded with a Silver Lamp and 3x Finalist at the Dutch Creativity Awards, and a SAN Accent at the SAN Awards.